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Snowshoeing in the Pyrenees New Year 2018.

We have prepared 3 routes with snowshoes in the valleys adjacent to Benasque, one of the most beautiful in the Pyrenees. The selection gathers excursions to frozen lakes, pine forests, firs, birches, oaks, juniper and glacial circuses surrounded by the highest peaks of the Pyrenees.

From the Ibols of Batisielles, surrounded by the spiers of Perramó and Ixeia, it is possible to contemplate the peak Perdiguero and a succession of three thousands high peaks, presided over by the Gourgs Blancs. On the route to the Ibones de Escaleta we can admire the Madaleta Massif next to the Aneto and we will see the Forau de Aigualluts, the immense hole through which the water of the Aneto glaciers to form the river Garonne in the valley of Aran. To admire one of the most surprising valleys of the area, we will visit the Ibones de Remuñe by a route where to apply our skill with the snowshoes. The effort is rewarded with the views of the Alba Peaks and the ridges and summits of the Madaleta Massif .

Sunset from Eriste Hunt

On Monday 1st we will meet in Benasque to deliver the snowshoes and poles, and explain in detail the activities. Do not worry about your level of snowshoes, the mountain guide will explain you their use and technique and after the theory we will put into practice the technique and test the equipment in the snow at a nearby site, so we will be ready for the following days. If you have not used the snowshoes before, you will notices in less than one kilometer that they are comfortable and you will feel more secure. We will also take advantage of this meeting to review our material and answer any questions related with the activities.

The rest of the week we will dedicate to hike through the mountain trails with snowshoes accompanied by a qualified mountain who knows the trails of the area. The quide will take care of your security and arouse interest for the natural wonders of the Natural Park Posets-Madaleta.

All activities include:

  • Snowshoes and poles
  • Qualified professional mountain guiding. English speaking.
  • First Aid Kit
  • Nature and lanscape interpretation
  • Album photo
  • Liability and Accident Insurance


The dificulty of our activities are moderate. When grading our trekking, we take 3 main factors into consideration: distance, gradient and trail type. For moderate activities whe consider these factors:

  • Time: 5 to 7 hours / less than 20km per day on average.
  • Gradient: Up to 1000m ascent per day on average, possibility of some steep climbing.
  • Trail Type: Walking paths, mountain trails, not technically difficult.

These are the daily excursions in detail:

2 January – Ibones de Batisielles and Escarpinosa: departure 9:00 a.m. from Benasque to the parking next to Estós Valley. We follow this valley comfortably surronded by forest of pines and boxwood. After passing the shelter of Santa Ana we will follow a path with a sign that indicates the Ibones de Batisielles. In one hour we will reach the frozen lake. After resting in this wonderful place we will come down from the lake to reach the banks of the Ibones de Escarpinosa that competes in beauty with the Ibón Grande de Batisielles.From the first of the lakes of Escarpinosa, the Blue ibón, we enjoy an exceptional view of the Perdiguero Peak.

  • Distance: 14, 6 km.
  • Duration: 7 hours with time to relax, have a picnic and take pictures.
  • Dificulty: Moderate
  • Ascent elevation: 750 m.

3 January – Ibones de Escaleta: departure 9:00 a.m. from Benasque to go to the Llanos of the Hospital in our vehicles. From the Llanos we go to the Besurta for a track that if covered with snow is ideal to climb smoothly between forests. In the Besurta we leave the road that goes to the refuge of La Renclusa that the mountaineers use to ascend to the Aneto and other three mills of the Massif de La Madaleta. Our route will take us to the Forau de Aigualluts, the immense hole through which the water of the glacier of the Aneto cross to form the river Garonne in the valley of Aran. After a rest we will head towards a ravine that forms the river of the Escaleta to reach Valleta de la Escaleta with its ibones. So far we will have traveled 8 km of the historic Camino de los Araneses that goes deep into the Benasque Valley. Above us is the Col del Toro and its frozen lake. And above the Coll de los Araneses (2455 m), but we will not get so high. We will return from the Estany de Coll de Toro, where we admire the Aran Valley, to descend the valley of Benasque to the Hospital Plan.

  • Distance: 20, 6 km.
  • Duration: 7:30 hours in total.
  • Dificuly: Moderate.
  • Ascent elevation: 929 m.

4 January – Ibon of Remuñé: departure 9:00 a.m. from Benasque to go to the LLanos of the Hospital in our vehicles. We turn off where a sign on the left edge of the road in the direction of ascent points us to the Remuñe valley.Shortly after we parked in a flat area. The walk with snowshoes begins surrounded by a forest of spruce and black pines entering a beautiful glacier valley bordered by ridges and peaks.

Southwards the Tuca de Literola and Remuñe Peak, and to the north  with mountains reaching over 3000 meters as the Maupas Peak, Boum Peak and Mall Planet. This last one is below the conventional height of 3000 m., but shares the beaty of the entire border ridge. At the foot of Tuca of Literola is the Ibón de Remuñe. After resting and enjoying the views we descended back This is the shortest route of all in order to allow us to rest before starting the return journey.

  • Distance: 7,9 6 km.
  • Duration: 4:30 hours in total.
  • Dificultad: Moderate.
  • Ascent elevation: 500 m.

Equipment necessary for the route:

  • Waterproof pants and jacket
  • Waterproof gloves and cap
  • Trousers and undergarments
  • Polar fleec or similar
  • Leggings or ski pants
  • Sunglasses and blizzard goggles
  • Mountain boots
  • Extra clothes set
  • Picnic lunch and water
  • Frontal lanternt and spare batteries
  • Backpack 20 to 30 l.
  • Sun cream, lip balm


In Benasque there is a lot of hotels that we can recommend. With economic prices you cann stay in the Hotel Librada or the Benasque Mountaineering Academy where for a small fee you can also opt to stay on a half board bas. You can always rely on excellent  quality and good service. Contact us to know more.

In Benasque you have many dining, shopping and entertainment options to choose from.


From Madrid to Benasque it takes 5.5 hours by road. Non-commercial transportation can be arranged between attendees and guide’s car.

We do not include transportation but we provide solutions.