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Great cycling San Martín de la Vega, we start from the pier of the Casa de Campo south towards Madrid River, to the Manzanares Lineal Park, where we take the Uclés Road to San Martín and back in the bike path.

Cycling to San Martín de la Vega - Madrid River

This route is very beautiful as we will cycle along the shore of the Manzanares river, by roads overflowing with nature, impressive montains and we will have the company of numerous storks.

Cycling San Martín de la Vega - Roads

Ther route is long, around 80 Km, but don´t panic, IT IS VERY EASY, that basically you have to pedal in flat, except in the return, that we will have a small port by the bike path, but that we will surpass in 20 Minutes, to enjoy after an endless descent.

Cycling San Martín de la Vega - Montains

It does not require great things except the bicycle, but it is advisable to bring at least a spare tyre and tools in case you need it, as there are not many options to return by public transport.

Cycling San Martín de la Vega - Montain Pass

When We arrive to San Martin de la Vega, we will gift you a great victory beer or cocacola pitcher to choose from 😀

Cycling San Martín de la Vega - Beer or Coke