• The course will be developed mainly in the Sierra de Gredos, consists of 2 full days morning and afternoon, with the main goal of becoming a full-fledged kayaker, both technically and to the safety of each paddler. All this to have a wide and fine reading of the river, of each rapid, of what I must do and why, of the timely and necessary shovels in that place and moment, of all that active and passive safety that is in every moment in the river and we must know and know how to act.
  • Sea Kayak Courses


    Great and complete Sea Kayak Courses

    Do you want to enjoy the contact with nature and practice sports at the same time?

    Would you like to discover wonderful places where only a kayak can reach?

    Share unforgettable experiences with your friends?

  • Eskimo Roll Course

    What is the Eskimo Roll? The Eskimo Roll, is the best best way to recover by yourself, if we ever turn around in the kayak. It is a vital technique for our safety, both in the river and in the sea.