Round route to Maliciosa from La Barranca


We will make a beautiful round route to Maliciosa from La Barranca, in the mountains of Navacerrada, Madrid.

The route will start from the parking of La Barranca and we will go up to the Maliciosa, to descend the col of El Piornal that separates Navacerrada from La Pedriza, to return to climb to Bola del Mundo and face from there the path that will take us back through the Risk of the Emburriaderos.



The difficulty will be moderate, reaching a difference of 1,017 meters, we will walk about 14 kilometers for beautiful places, calculating a total of about 6 or 7 hours depending on the stops and the weather.

Round route to Maliciosa

It will be necessary mountain and snow material, as the peaks at this time of year will be covered of snow, so it is necessary a good boots, coat, leggings and crampons.

Round route to Maliciosa - Bola del Mundo


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