Are you interested in discovering the city of London in a different way and also doing sports?. Do not hesitate, enjoy a quiet kayak or canoe trip, through the historic Regent canal that runs through the city.

It is designed for the whole family, as it can be done with stable boats for three people or in individual kayaks for the more dare adventurous.

London Kayaking Adventure.

Regent’s Canal starts at Little Venice and ends in Docklands. It was named after the Prince Regent, later George IV, and is part of London’s Grand Union Canal.

A quiet and atmospheric waterway, Regent’s Canal passes by parks, a zoo, Camden Market, Victorian warehouses and celebrity hangouts.

Perfect to get to know the real city, while enjoying a champagne or a rich salmon with appellation of origin.

London Kayaking

Moocanoes is one of the companies that offers this service, with different routes and possibilities, as we can also navigate the Thames or organize a group outing.

We can say from personal experience that the service is very professional and you will always be treated with a smile as well as a rich award-winning limon cone around our adventure.

London Kayaking