We are mountain guides, sports technicians specialized in the activities and excursions of the natural environments that there are from the heights of the summits to the water courses of the valleys and the beaches of the sea.

We organize and organize our guided tours and excursions, adventure activities and training. We offer our services for individuals, school groups, associations, companies, and any other type of group, whether they are a couple or large groups.


In MadridSports we also have the vocation of teaching to love nature knowing it better, making our activities a visit to the natural museum of forests, mountains, rivers and coasts. In addition to making interpretive routes of the wonderful natural environments that we visit, you will be accompanied by a guide attentive to your safety and comfort, transmitting the techniques to develop in the natural environment of mountaineering, canoeing or the discipline that is carried out, facilitating the self-confidence to erase the false belief of people who believe they can not perform the activities we propose.

The MadridSports guides put our professionalism and experience, planning, preparing and developing activities to smooth the difficulties and enjoy and learn from the experience in nature.

What do you have to do in your free time? The adventure in the nature awaits you!