What’s Seawalk Paddle?

The Seawalk Paddle as its name indicates, is a new nautical discipline which consists of sea walking with a paddle (of standard kayak) with a level of immersion between navel and chest.

Seawalk Paddle

Created and developed in 2005 by a professional rowing trainer (Thomas Wallyn of Bray Dunes, North of France), together with the help of a physio, the technique combines the advantages of a sport for everyone and the various benefits of marine environment.

  • A collective sport: in groups (called longe) of three, four, five or nine people (Just as in cycling, the aspiration phenomenon plays an all important part). Solo is also an option (very difficult) and prepares the following challenges: 100, 400, 1000 meters or Water Treck 3000, 5000 or 8000 meters.
  • Seawalk Paddle is open to everyone whatever their conditions of health. It is not compulsory to be able to swim. Young people are welcome from the age of 14: 1.5m is required due to the level of immersion.
  • The sport is practised all year round: bathing suits in summer , otherwise for the rest of the year, mid or full length wet suits with boots, gloves, and even hoods. The practice can take place in the day-time or night-time, whatever the weather conditions, sun, wind, rain, waves… except in the case of strong storm.

If you are interested in practicing it, next week we will take a course in Galicia through Nordes Kayak and Camping de Limens.

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